How to Send to Turkey with Western Union

Western Union is one of the most familiar methods of sending money to Turkey those who live abroad or have a connection with abroad from Turkey.

The article is written by a Turkish expat who lives in Europe. It originally published in Turkish version of Yurtdisindayiz website. The article is depend on personal experiences about sending money to Turkey with Western Union and other international money transfer services.

In this article, we will answer the questions that can be on your mind at the stage of sending money to Turkey with Western Union and how to perform this transaction.

Western Union’s most significant advantage in sending money is that reciever and sender don’t need to have bank accounts. The money you send from a Western Union agent (some of which are bank branches) or over the web instantly reaches the opposite party.

Sending money via Western Union

The recipient can also access money sent to Turkey via Western Union with the help of a code. Although everything looks perfect so far, the most significant issue that makes Western Union, not the first choice is the high commission rate.

As we talk about Western Union fees, we will also talk about how you can complete your transactions as an alternative to this method.

Note: Although we collect the transactions described herein the title of sending money to Turkey with Western Union, the same applies when sending money from Turkey with Western Union.

Western Union Sending Money Fees & Commission Rates

Compared to Western Union’s counterparts, it’s certainly a luxury direction these days as we get to 2020. Far more advantageous alternatives are undoubtedly available for tourist situations where the money reaches its purchase and the choice of shipping without a bank account.

Let’s take a sample transaction of 1000 Euros over the internet to send money from Germany to Turkey with Western Union and see how we’ll face the cost.

After entering the Western Union website from Germany, we begin selecting the recipient country Turkey and determining the transfer as 1000 Euros. The page in front of us shows our options and commissions to send Western Union Money.

Western Union charges you a fee that varies from the amount you will make during the sending of money from Germany.

At this point, we saw the commission rate is just 4.90 Euros. It seems that Western Union is very behind their rival Transferwise.

Western Union shows the Euro rate as 7.19, while Transferwise shows the Euro rate as 7.50, as we saw on Google, and there is a big difference between them.

The screenshots are taken on 18th of May. Google(from Reuters) the Euro/Turkish Lira exchange rate 1 Euro=7.50TL

The left side of the screen was taken from Western Union, and the right side from Transferwise. We can see how advantageous Transferwise is in the exchange rate cycle.

Long story short, for a transfer of 1,000 euros, Western Union is cutting 4.90 euros in sight. In addition, there is a difference of 200 Turkish Liras due to a different 0.2 exchange rate.

When you send 1000 euros from Germany to Turkey by Western Union, the amount of TL you receive is slightly more than 200 Turkish Liras.

Because the biggest difference is due to the exchange rate, if the amount you send increases, the amount you pay will also increase.

If we apply this method from the UK, which is not included in the Eurozone, there will not be much difference in the percentage of the deduction fee at the stage of sending money from the UK to Turkey with the Western Union.

How to Send Money with Western Union to Turkey?

Sending money online with Western Union is quite simple. For example, when you enter the website from the UK or Germany, you will find various options after selecting the amount and country you will send. From these options, you must choose how to send the money.

There will be many options when sending money with Western Union. Although commissions vary in each method, the fee received in cases where cash and agents are used is much higher.


For Germany, the most advantageous method is to send money online through Klarna. In the bank transfer option, Western Union promises to send your money within 1-2 days.

All other options will be completed immediately, but your disadvantage in the exchange rate is also increasing. Especially if you want to trade from a Western Union agent, Google showed that the rate we saw as 7.41 would be traded from 7.06.

When sending money via Western Union, whether the recipient will receive the money in cash or from the bank account also affects the exchange rate calculation very highly. If the buyer receives the money from the bank account, the commission amount lower.

If you want to complete your transaction online, the credit or debit card option is the most convenient method.

Is it safe to send money via Western Union to Turkey?

One of the most common questions about the Western Union is the issue of security. You don’t need to have any security concerns about Western Union, where you can manage many of your transactions even through banks.

Only with this method, if you execute the transaction in cash, you should be wary of frauds, as your bank account is disabled, and the buyer can withdraw the money only with the help of an ID and a code.

After sending the money, it is an irreversible method and impossible to track back. We advise you to think again before sending money to people you do not trust and do not know by Western Union.

Limit for sending money with Western Union to Turkey

The total limits of sending money to Turkey are also important for some people who will transfer money to Turkey with Western Union. If you also want to send a large amount of money to Turkey, you can also review the article that we have written specifically on this topic.

For transactions to be made from Turkey, the limit for sending Western Union money is 7500 dollars/Euro or 25000 Turkish lira.

What Is the Best Alternative to Western Union?

As we speak of fees, we have stated that if the money needs to immediately reach the other side and you or the recipient don’t have a bank account, the fees will be much higher.

If you can tolerate the higher fees, Western Union can be the best choice for speed. However, there is an alternative that you can complete this process much cheaper and easier that is Transferwise.

Sending Money to Turkey via Transferwise

You will complete your transaction on their website in a similar way. After a simple signup phase, you can continue your transaction by sending money to a Turkish bank account number. You just need to enter the recipient’s IBAN number and complete your money transfer to Turkey.

transferwise security comparing western union

At this point, the difference is that Transferwise uses the exchange rate as its actual value. There is no hidden costs.

As a disadvantage compared to Western Union, both parties must have a bank account. Western Union is your best alternative if you want to trade-in cash. With Transferwise, your money transfer will be completed within 1 business day. In this way, you prevent higher commission rates on international money transfers.

In our article about sending money from abroad to Turkey, we also discussed this issue in more detail. If you want to complete your transactions quickly with low commission fees, we strongly recommend that you browse Transferwise’s website.