Using Turkey VPN for Connecting Internet with Turkish IP

Using a Turkey VPN account from abroad or connecting to a Turkey IP from abroad may seem a little strange to people living in Turkey. It is really hard to understand the source of this problem without living abroad.

As you know, the concept of VPN, which we are familiar with due to internet restrictions in Turkey, can also occur for Turks living abroad to connect to Turkey with a VPN.

Now, after talking about VPN’s concept in general for our citizens living abroad and what Turkey VPN can work, we will list the alternatives in this regard.

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Why You Need to Use Turkey VPN?

If we talk about the concept of VPN, VPN allows you to navigate the internet through a different address than your original IP address. So you can use the ability to make your address Turkey by selecting a VPN that provides service and has a server in Turkey.

In our case, this VPN address will carry you from abroad to Turkey and Show your IP address in Turkey. Using a direct VPN account is not an illegal activity. For this reason, you can comfortably use a Turkish VPN account from abroad.

For example, watching pirated movies on the internet is illegal. However, it’s not recommended by Netflix to show your address as Turkey on your existing Netflix account is certainly not illegal. From here, let’s move on to Netflix.

Turkey VPN Services

We chose ExpressVPN for speed and reliability, especially platforms such as Netflix require speed. At the same time, let us remind you that these applications are leading applications in their field in the world, and you can not only Turkey but a lot of countries VPN through these applications.

If you become a 1 year member of ExpressVPN, which we recommend because of speed, quality, and safety terms, you can also get 3 months for free through the links down below. The 12 month price is already discounted, but also you get an additional 3 months for free if you use Yurtdışındayız’s links.

ExpressVPN – 3 months for free

ExpressVPN is a VPN company that allows you to use Netflix and Amazon Prime, and many other services without problems and a company I can recommend that provides speed, reliability, and ease of use on the market. They are the right choice if you want to connect to Turkey through a VPN.


It allows you to use it without experiencing almost no slowdown in the internet speed you usually use. For example, if you live in the United States or Australia, the speed may decrease slightly because you are farther from Turkey, but you can be sure that you get enough speed and won’t find a faster VPN company.

It offers more than 3000 servers in more than 160 countries worldwide, and you are unlikely to have security problems on these servers. ExpressVPN does not keep any record of users’ actual IP addresses.

As we just mentioned, if you buy a 12 month package by clicking on the button below, an additional 3 months membership will also be defined in your account. So you’ll have 15 months package at a 12 month price. There are also monthly subscription alternatives are also available.

You can use desktop and mobile versions of Express VPN. ExpressVPN also works very well even in China, where it is popular for internet bans and shows you the power of this VPN service. 

We also prepared an article to connect from Turkey to America with a VPN. You can also check this article here.

Connecting To Turkey VPN Step by Step

  • At this point, all you have to do is click the ExpressVPN link and became a member, and run the program that you download.
  • After you enter your password, you have to select Turkey. Now you have a Turkey IP address.
  • Then you activate the Turkey VPN connection.
  • Now, for example, enter the Netflix site.
  • If you can’t still view it, you can try viewing it from the hidden tab in your browser.

Connect to Turkey with VPN and Watch Turkish Netflix!

As Netflix grows in popularity, country-specific content also began to increase, creating various problems for those who live far from their countries, especially when it comes to watching local content. For example, Turks living abroad often cannot access a Turkish movie in the Netflix library.

Using Turkey VPN can help you solve this problem, but Netflix doesn’t want its users to do this. For this reason, Vpn’s that is free usually don’t solve this problem.

ExpressVPN is an alternative for connecting to Turkey with a VPN because of its speed and helps you watch Netflix without any problem. You can watch with Turkish subtitles and Turkish dubbing thanks to ExpressVPN. All you have to do is change your address to Turkey. There is Turkish language support and is charged monthly or annually.

You can find more about this in our watching Netflix Turkey abroad guide.

Why are Turkish Movie and Tv Series not Available on Netflix abroad?

The answer to that question is mostly about copyrights. Netflix gets the broadcast rights to domestic films and series, and it gets them only for Turkey because Netflix sees the potential in these series and movies only for the Turkish audience.

Sometimes Netflix made Turkish tv series and movies are also not available abroad, and if you ask why, the answer is obvious. Netflix has to prepare select subtitles for Tv series and movies in every country.

For example, Netflix doesn’t want to make an effort to prepare Polish subtitles for a Turkish movie that they think won’t interest people who live in Poland. That is understandable.

Watching Turkish National Team & League from Abroad

Sometimes national tournaments can be a problem for Turks who live abroad. These tournaments broadcast in Turkish channels which can’t be available to watch from the other countries.

Usually, TRT broadcast these tournaments from their Youtube channel. These accounts can only be viewed in Turkey during national tournaments. Even if you can watch the broadcast, the feeling during the national enthusiasm with the Turkish announcer or the team you support can be different when watching the national tournaments.

For this reason, you can watch these matches as if you were in Turkey, thanks to the Turkey VPN connection.

Let’s remind you that we are talking about matches broadcast on the open channel. Turkey VPN address doesn’t allow you to watch paid tournaments by the regular broadcaster for free, and there is no way you can do it legally.

Is There Any Downside to Using Turkish IP from Abroad?

When you log in to Google services, Facebook, and similar password protection platforms with the Turkey VPN address turned on; you can receive messages that your account has detected unusual activity, and you may have to verify by e-mail.

Because these websites know the IP address you usually use, and when they see an IP address from a different country, they can take security precautions. It is a very realistic situation. So, you can experience the same problems when you go to Turkey from abroad.

If you use a free VPN, it may not be safe for you to access websites with sensitive data, but the ExpressVPN account we mentioned above is extremely secure in this matter.