Best Ways to Send Money from Turkey to Germany

Turkish citizens know the connection between Turkey and Germany. We wanted to prepare a guide for those interested in sending money from Turkey to Germany, the country where most Turkish citizens living abroad.

The article is written by a Turkish expat who lives in the Germany. It originally published in Turkish version of Yurtdisindayiz website. The article is dependent on personal experiences about sending money from the Turkey to Germany with different international money transfer service providers.

There a lot of options when it comes to sending money from Turkey to Germany. In this article, we try to tell you the cheapest, fastest, and most advantageous of these methods.

There are lots of different reasons when it comes to sending money to Germany. These can usually be for business, sending money to a spouse, friend, or sending money to your own account in Germany. For whatever is the reason, Transferwise offers you the most advantageous, cheapest, and most reliable solution.

The Cheapest Way to Transfer Money From Turkey To Germany

Now let’s talk about Transferwise in more detail and tell you how you can send money from Turkey to Germany.

You may not have heard of TransferWise before. It’s growing in popularity every year and is taking another piece of the Sunday share of banks in international money transfers. The purpose of the website is to make international money transfers much cheaper and easier.

So at this point, you’re preventing you from dealing with things like SWIFT code, showing all the costs transparently, and you’re handling the whole process pretty quickly and cheaply.

A company founded by two Estonians, who themselves suffer from losing money to banks during international money transfers, is the most advantageous method you can choose to send money from Turkey to Germany.

So, how can Transferwise perform this transaction cheaper than banks? After briefly explaining what you’ll do after becoming a member, we will also explain this topic.

How to Send Money from Turkey to Germany?

The screenshot is taken at 28th of November 2020.

When you enter Transferwise, this page will be the main page, and you can see how many euros will be transferred to the recipient’s account by selecting the Turkish Lira.

  1. By clicking on the link, you enter the Transferwise website and become a member for free. At this stage, you only need to enter your personal information, email, and password.
  2. You can see all the costs in detail by specifying how much you will transfer on the screen that you will encounter when you transfer money from Turkey to Germany. You won’t encounter any surprises, including Exchange rate rates.
  3. You need to choose the Euro on the recipient’s side and TL on the sender’s side at this point for money transfer to Germany.
  4. You can complete this step by entering the name, surname, and IBAN information of the person you’ll send money to Germany. If this person is you, you can also select the send money to my own account option.
  5. At this point, you need to choose how to send your money from Turkey to Germany, so whether you can complete your transaction by entering the reference code specified to you in the account number or continue your transaction with your credit card or debit card information.
  6. Until a similar competitor to Transferwise comes out to send money to a bank in Germany, this seems to be the best method to send money from Turkey.

Now let’s briefly tell you how this transaction is cheaper than banks or western union. Those who live abroad or do business abroad probably heard of Western Union.

For many years Western Union is the only alternative in international money transactions. The problem here was that Western Union completed this work in a much more costly way.

Transferwise is changing things. When you send money from Turkey to Germany, you send money to the Transferwise partner United Payment Services account in Turkey. Transferwise also sends you money from its German account, so this way, the transaction is much cheaper.

Because the money is not transferred internationally, it becomes no different from a classic domestic transfer. In our article What is Transferwise, we also covered this topic in much more detail.

Note: You can also use this method to send money from Germany to Turkey in the same way.

Fastest Way to Send Money from Turkey to Germany

Transferwise, which we mentioned above, allows you to complete your transaction within 1 business day. When you start the transaction, you also see what day the money will pass to the buyer’s account.

Note: Sometimes, when sending money from Turkey to Germany with Transferwise, we also had users who said that the money transfer took place on the same day, but it will be enough to start your transaction 1-2 days in advance to guarantee it.

What will you do if your money needs to be transferred instantly to the opposite party or if the recipient does not have a bank account? The only remedy at this point seems to be Western Union. Money transfers with Western Union are completed instantly, and you can also withdraw money without a bank account by passing the code given to you to the recipient.

Except in extreme cases like this, it would be most advantageous to complete your transaction with Transferwise. You can also see on the website how much profit you will make according to the SWIFT transaction that you will already make through banks.

However, suppose you are a traditionalist and can’t give up a SWIFT transaction. In that case, you can start your transaction by selecting the option of SWIFT transfer from all banks in Turkey via mobile or internet banking.

If you want to learn the SWIFT/BIC codes of banks in Germany, you can check the following site codes. We also published an article earlier on what SWIFT and BIC codes mean.

We summarized Transferwise, which is the most advantageous method for sending money from Turkey to Germany for both money transfer times and low commissions. We also tried to summarize other methods for those who are looking for alternative ways. You can click the button below if you want to become a member of Transferwise.